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Player Ratings: New England Revolution at Philadelphia Union

After each match the contributors to New England Soccer Today will rate the performances of the New England Revolution players who made an appearance on a 1 to 10 scale (1 horrendous, 5 average, 10 perfection). This week Sean Donahue and Brian O’Connell contributed ratings for the New England Revolution’s 2-1 loss at the Philadelphia Union.

Matt Reis – Average Rating: 5.5 (Brian 5.5, Sean 5.5)
Good positioning, decent service, guessed right on Adu’s penalty only to watch it sail through his arms. (Brian) … Nearly got to the penalty and good positioning throughout, though he had a pass picked off late under pressure. (Sean)

Chris Tierney – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5, Sean 5): With the attack focused on the right, seemed invisible until the latter stages of the game. Schooled by Williams in the 65th minute. (Brian) … Placed a solid free kick on frame, but didn’t get forward too much. Struggled with Sheanon Williams. (Sean)

A.J. Soares – Average Rating: 4.25 (Brian 4.5, Sean 4)
Connecting with the midfield an issue, slow to cover McInerney and Hoppenot early, and picked up a senseless yellow in the 25th minute. (Brian) … Not one of his better performances, some loose marking and sloppy passing. (Sean)

Stephen McCarthy – Average Rating: 5.5 (Brian 5.5, Sean 5.5)
Strong on the air, solid tackles inside the area and wasn’t afraid to employ a physical brand of football. (Brian) … Solid showing, with mostly good passing out of the back. Few mistakes and recovered from those he did make. (Sean)

Kevin Alston – Average Rating: 4.25 (Brian 4.5, Sean 4)
Yes, penalty was harsh, but he was also beat on the play. Also in the wrong place at the wrong time on McInerney’s game-winner. (Brian) … Wasn’t a penalty, but still poor positioning allowed him to get beat on the play in the first place. Lost on McInerney’s game-winner and slow to get back at times. (Sean)

Lee Nguyen – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5, Sean 5)
Unusually quiet night; between switching side with Guy and Rowe, he never really seemed to find a consistent rhythm. (Brian) … A couple of passes to no one and didn’t make the offensive impact he often does. (Sean)

Clyde Simms – Average Rating: 4.25 (Brian 4, Sean 4.5):
A ghost for most of the game; passing was good but only collected 20 touches before he was subbed out in the 60th minute. (Brian) … Typical smart passing avoiding turnovers, but seemed to get pulled out of position by the Revs constant shifting in midfield at times and didn’t seem to provide the usual great support for the defense. Made a dangerous run down the right flank, though cross was off. (Sean)

Benny Feilhaber – Average Rating: 5.75 (Brian 5.5, Sean 6)
Played a beautiful ball through to Rowe in the 35th minute and 86th minute strike nearly snuck through; encouraging night overall. (Brian) … Some quality passing offensively and put in the effort to track back and help out on defense. (Sean)

Kelyn Rowe – Average Rating: 5.25 (Brian 5, Sean 5.5)
Somewhat stronger performance than those seen in recent weeks; should’ve done better on his 35th minute shot, but helped set up his teammates early. (Brian) … Active early. Fed Sene for his goal and made a great run to get on the end of Benny’s pass, but should’ve finished it better. (Sean)

Ryan Guy – Average Rating: 4.5 (Brian 4.5, Sean 4.5)
Involved in the attack early, but seemed lost by the second half; never seemed to settle into a comfortable position. (Brian) … Didn’t look comfortable alone up top and rarely involved in the dangerous attacks. (Sean)

Saer Sene – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5, Sean 5)
Exquisite goal, but how many chances did he squander after it? Hesitancy near the box continues to be his undoing. (Brian) … The bests and worsts of Sene all on display. Great goal, but wasted many easier chances. Poor decisions in the box. (Sean)

(sub) Shalrie Joseph – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5, Sean 5)
Nearly found a goal when he chipped McMath only to have it land over the bar; good box-to-box play. (Brian) … Good passing and nearly scored late. (Sean)

(sub) Darrius Barnes – Average Rating: 4.75 (Brian 4.5, Sean 5)
A whole lot can of “meh” from Barnes; slow to react to a couple of Union chances and lucky not to be called for the handball late. (Brian) … Got away with a handball in the box, but held his own despite some shaky moments after coming into a tough situation. (Sean)

(sub) Dimitry Imbongo – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 4, Sean 3.5)
Seemed hesitant in the attacking third; did little to sharpen the attack. (Brian) … Looked slow and easily pushed off the ball in the attack. Touch was off. Blew a potential breakaway and didn’t provide support for Sene on a late counterattack. (Sean)


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