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Schilawski & Shuttleworth Plymouth-bound

According to, a pair of Revolution players will be en route to England today.

Goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth and Zack Schilawski will partake in a ten-day training spell with Plymouth Argyle, a club that competes in League One, the third division of the English football hierarchy.

Of course, the connection between the Revs and Argyle isn’t hard to uncover. Former Revolution assistant coach Paul Mariner is the head coach at Central Park. Mariner, who’s tenure in New England has been lauded by many of his former charges, will likely give the young Revs a good taste of English football.

“I think it’s going to be a great experience,” Shuttleworth told “I’ve never been to England, so it’s a chance to see a new place and see a different style of play. I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Schilawski, who arrived in New England mere months after Mariner’s departure, cannot wait to absorb the whatever he can from the former English striker, whom Taylor Twellman recently cited as “one of the best coaches he’s ever had.”

“I’m going to get as many little things as I can pick up from him,” Schilawski told “Anything he can help me with, it’ll help me a lot so I can come back next year and be even more confident and comfortable.”

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