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The French Connection

Saer Sene and Dimitry Imbongo celebrate Imbongo's goal against San Jose on Saturday night. (Photo: Chris Aduama/

Saer Sene and Dimitry Imbongo celebrate Imbongo’s goal against San Jose on Saturday night. (Photo: Chris Aduama/

There’s more to them than just their identical mohawks.

Revolution strikers Saer Sene and Dimitry Imbongo are what you could call BFFs – best friends forever. The French duo arrived to New England within six months of each other after both having played a short distance apart in German. Sene was a member of the Bayern Munich reserve squad while Imbongo played for the reserve side for 1860 Munich.

Now teammates, the two can be found doing a lot together – from hanging out on a daily basis to driving to Gillette Stadium together for training and games. Sene and Imbongo also live in the same building – separated by four floors.

“He understands me better,” said Imbongo, who’s English is improving since coming aboard last July.

Their relationship is even more apparent after either one of them scores a goal – something they both did Saturday night against San Jose. After Sene’s rip from distance, he immediately jogged over to the sidelines to conduct a signature handshake with Imbongo, who was on the bench. In the second half, after Imbongo’s sliding shot found twine, the BFFs jogged over to the corner flag for dance routine. It’s not the first time either, as Sene often finds his way to Imbongo to celebrate goals, whether he’s on the bench or on the field.

But neither would put themselves before the team, both claiming they were happy each other score but were focused more on the three points.

“We are happy because it was a very important game and we needed these three points and now we are in a playoff spot and have to keep going to fight, fight, and fight to go to the playoffs,” said Sene.

Despite being close friends, Sene shrugged at the notion that it was any more special that both he and Imbongo found the back of the net in the same game.

“Maybe, it’s special for the people because we both have the Mohawks.”

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