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Jones Feels He Was Target of Abuse

Photo credit: Chris Aduama/

Photo credit: Chris Aduama/

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The Revolution’s newest designated player Jermaine Jones was substituted at halftime because of a left foot injury, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Jones said after the game that he felt a Montreal midfielder was specifically targeting him and wasn’t trying to strictly win the ball.

“Of course,” Jones said when asked if he knew when it happened. “I don’t know the name of the player but maybe two or three times he tried without the ball to kick me. One time he got it. It’s not nice when you feel like you have players that try to hurt you and this guy tried to hurt me. This time he got me, but we have a second game, and we’ll see what happens then.”

Jones was fouled just once and it was by Scottish international Calum Mallace.

“I’m not normally a guy to say something,” Jones said. “I play hard too so I take it but this guy today, he was not nice you know. I hate people who don’t go for a tackle and try to get the ball. If he tried to get the ball I would say nothing. But he tried two times, the first time the referee called it back. The second time, he had no chance to get the ball and he went straight on my bone. I hope the referees see that for the next time.”

Jones said he thought it the injury occurred around 20 minutes into the game and Mallace’s foul came in the 22nd minute.

“This guy, I don’t know his name, he plays in the midfield, he tried two times,” Jones said. “One time when the ball was in the air, he didn’t look where the ball, he tried to jump at me. The second came he caught me on my foot and the ball was not there. He hurt me and I had to go out. It’s not nice you know. I can take it and I see him again.”

The Revolution can breath a sigh of relief as Jones said he already had an x-ray and confirmed that it wasn’t a break.

“I think it’s not so bad,” Jones said. “I got kicked so we have to look day to day. It was swelling at halftime and I can feel a little bit of pressure on my feet so we don’t want to take risks.

“All is good, nothing is broken, just only a bone bruise.”

Jones said he hopes to be on the pitch for the Revolution’s next game, which is next Saturday against Columbus.

“We were assessing him at halftime and he had a little bit of a contusion,” head coach Jay Heaps said. “Right now he’s being looked at and we just want to be smart and we took him out.”

The Revolution will play Montreal one more time this season on October 11th.


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