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Upset in the City

Photo credit: Kari Heistad/

Photo credit: Kari Heistad/

The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup is a tradition and experience unlike any other in American soccer.

The unique atmosphere and playing circumstances create opportunities for young players to shine, and for lower level teams to prove their mettle. That happened at Harvard University on Wednesday with the New England Revolution falling 1-0 to the Charlotte Independence.

Jorge Herrera’s 55th minute long distance effort was the only goal the third-division Independence needed to pull off the upset win over the top-flight Revolution, who were eliminated from the tournament.

The Independence will find out their fifth round opponent on Thursday, when U.S. Soccer will announce fifth round matchups, which will take place on Jun. 30 and Jul. 1.

The Revolution used a unique lineup that featured Donnie Smith, Steve Neumann, Tyler Rudy and Sean Okoli. They also gave former Academy superstar Zach Herivaux his professional debut.

The first chance that came for either team came off the foot of Daigo Kobayashi in the 13th minute. Kobayashi attempted a strike from well outside the box off a failed clearance attempt on a Steve Neumann corner kick, but his effort missed wide to the left.

After holding possession for an extended period, the Revolution nearly found the net on a terrific attempt by Kelyn Rowe near the half-hour mark. The midfielder made a run through the defense and received the ball on the end line with Charlotte goalkeeper Hunter Gilstrap in the area. Rowe attempted to curl the shot around Gilstrap and for the far post from a near-impossible angle, only to miss by inches.

The Independence got their first attempt of the match in the 37th minute off the foot of Alex Martinez. The midfielder made a nice spin mover to free some space before putting a shot on frame, but it was easily saved. It was the first shot on target by either team on the night.

Martinez made another nice play in the 43rd minute, nearly finding the net. He took a far angle shot that went past Brad Knighton and just missed wide of the far post.

Although the Revolution controlled possession for most of the opening half, they failed to put a shot on target.

Charlotte started to push back when they opened action in the 50th minute with a strong shot from Jorge Herrera. He put the shot right on Knighton, but extended the lead in shots on target for Charlotte.

Charlotte continued to apply pressure, and eventually finding the back of the net in the 55th minute. From beyond the box, Herrera collected a pass from Alex Martinez, and curled his shot over the extended arm of Brad Knighton.

The goal appeared to wake up the Revolution offense as Rowe found their first shot on target in the 63rd minute. Rowe blasted a shot through to Gilstrap, but the save pushed the shot just wide of the net.

Rowe continued to show urgency, getting another near chance in the 65th minute. The opportunity was created by a great pass through the defense from Kobayashi, but Gilstrap came off his line to collect just in front of Rowe.

The Revs continued to look for the equalizer in the 76th minute when both Diego Fagundez and Kevin Alston made attempts from inside the box, but both shots were blocked by the Independence defense.

Herivaux came on for Kobayashi in the 86th minute, but the Independence held on to complete the upset victory.


  1. peter

    June 18, 2015 at 8:38 am

    THE REVS SUCKED last night in the US cup it sound like a don’t care attitude from Mr heaps sending out a 2 nd string player A CUP is CUP .Why didn’t the Revs give duckett more of a chance he looked good in defence. Charlotte had some good player the Revs should b looking at these player as well

    • Matt LaPan

      June 18, 2015 at 11:21 am

      It was really bad last night, Peter. I think that the injury front and lack of overall depth right now was why Heaps approached the game the way he did. Disappointing loss, no doubt, but I would rather be cautious with Jones out and the Gold Cup on the horizon.

      As for Charlotte, they impressed me. Lot of big, athletic guys. Their overall form was good, but I don’t see any of those guys as potential starters. Most probably wouldn’t make the gameday roster. They just wanted it more last night than the Revs. Though I wouldn’t hate seeing Duckett come back, great guy who played well.

  2. peter

    June 18, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    A CUP is CUP i did notice LA must have had some of there starters in the team because Keene scored a hat trick. The Revs could have put 90% of there team on there field last ngt Duckett had an excellent game at centre half last night heaps played him out of position at full back when he was here Re JONES excellent hard worker injuries and age are against The REVS won’t pay him millions if they do there will be add ons re injuries in the contract

    • Matt LaPan

      June 18, 2015 at 1:24 pm

      I agree, Peter. I would have liked to see them go for it a little more as well. Duckett did play well, but some of the mistakes he made would have doomed his team if the Revs had their 1st team out there. A little too careless with the ball around the net. I like him, but he would be a bench player, at best.

      As for Jones, his injuries this season are going to cost him a lot of money. I think the Revs are going to try to do a deal still, but at a reduced rate and for a shorter time. Going to be really interesting to watch what happens there

      • peter

        June 18, 2015 at 1:34 pm

        A CUP IS A CUP The REVS did win the US Cup once in Steve’s Nichol era and Mr heaps was playing full back we cannot put all our eggs in one basket ie mls cup the REVs may never win it

        • Matt LaPan

          June 18, 2015 at 2:05 pm

          That they did, and I think they could get some confidence if they won one in the Heaps era. This year they just seemed disinterested due to the circumstances surrounding the team

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