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Why the Revs Should Adopt the Denim Kit

Throughout the week, the Revolution have been giving glimpses of their 2017-18 secondary kit via social media, with the full reveal to arriving on Sunday at Gillette Stadium. And from what we can tell, red is out, and white is back as the dominant color.

Although the next edition of the club’s primary kit won’t come until next year, it’s never too early to consider what might be – or, perhaps, what should be.

In the wake of retro-inspired looks adopted by the Earthquakes, Sounders, and Union in recent years, the Revolution may want to give serious thought to reintroducing a look that’s among the most iconic in American soccer: the legendary denim kit worn by the U.S. Men’s National Team during the 1994 World Cup.

At a time when soccer apparel companies clearly weren’t afraid to push the envelope (see: Jorge Campos’ entire wardrobe), adidas rolled out the look for Bora Milutinovic’s boys right in time for the World Cup, which also happened to take place right here in the States. It’s a good thing the venerable apparel company had no fear: the denim kit was widely mocked by the masses when they first saw the pitch.

But time heals all wounds, and in the case of the denim kit, the years have been especially forgiving, as many supporters today remember it with surprising fondness. Perhaps it’s because it’s so bad that it’s good (hipster alert!), or maybe it’s just pure nostalgia. Either way, the denim kit has somehow found a way to worm into the hearts of American soccer fans both young, old, and in-between.

Plus, who wouldn’t be excited to see a scene similar to this replayed at Gillette Stadium?

Let’s be honest: is there any club in MLS who could pull this off better than the Revolution? After all, their very badge is a twist on the 1994 World Cup logo (whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you). The club’s colors are identical to those of the U.S. Men’s National Team circa the mid-1990s, and New England was the original MLS destination of Alexi Lalas, one of the ’94 team’s most memorable personalities.

Plus, with the 25th anniversary of USA ’94 occurring in 2019 (the second year of the club’s next primary kit), the return of the unique and memorable denim kit would be a fantastic tribute to those who originally donned the design, including Revolution general manager Michael Burns.

It’s unclear whether adidas – the official kit supplier of MLS – has retired the design given that it hasn’t been seen since the glory days of All-4-One. But if it hasn’t, well, the Revolution would be the most fitting club to bring it back.


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