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Roundtable: Who Should Be Revs Captain?

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Following the Revolution’s First Kick loss at Colorado, ex-New England center back A.J. Soares tweeted that Chris Tierney is most deserving of wearing the armband. This, of course, in spite of the fact that Lee Nguyen is the club’s current captain.

With the subject of the Revolution’s captaincy coming into focus, our writers give their takes on who they’d give the armband to.

Don’t forget – we also want to hear from you! Who do you think deserves the title of Revolution captain?

Justin Churchill: For me, it has to be Chris Tierney. He has been through it all with this organization and is a local kid. He is a true veteran and respected by those in the locker room, As MLS Player Union Representative for New England, it is clear he is capable of putting the teams best interests forward.

Sean Donahue: There is no ideal choice for captain currently, but I would have to agree with A.J. Soares that Chris Tierney is the best among the available options. I think, at the moment, you are left with three real options in Lee Nguyen, Chris Tierney and Scott Caldwell based on experience and leadership. Caldwell may not be starting when Xavier Kouassi gets fully fit, so that eliminates him. Between Nguyen and Tierney, Tierney at least appears to be the more vocal leader and giving his longevity would seem to be the right choice. With that said, given the frequent questions about lack of leadership on this team last year, its hard to see any of the holdovers as great options and perhaps when Kouassi or Antonio Mlinar Delamea (both of whom were captains with their prior clubs) have been here longer, they may be the best bets.

Greg Johnstone: I’m siding with AJ Soares that Chris Tierney should be wearing the captain’s armband. He isn’t the most valuable player on the team, but he’s a hometown player who has earned the right to be the leader of the team. He’s the longest tenured player on the roster since 2008 and a regular starter since 2010. He’s scored in an MLS Cup. He’s made an All-Star Game. He’s moved around the field, his role has changed, and the league is far better than it was when he entered the league, yet Tierney’s remained reliable for the Revolution over time. I’m a fan of giving the captaincy to the player with a long, successful tenure at the club who can lead by example, and I think no one fits the bill better than Tierney.

Brian O’Connell: My choice isn’t so much an indictment of current skipper Lee Nguyen than it is the circumstances that allowed him to take the armband. Unless I’m missing something, he was named skipper last summer because…he kept his head up and was hungry after the Copa America snub? It’s just a puzzling decision, especially when you have a 10-year team veteran in Chris Tierney. Even though he certainly deserves consideration, I’d go with Antonio Delamea, an experienced and, it appears, vocal defender who I think will help the revamped defense gel.

Jose Pereira: I don’t have a problem with Lee Nguyen being captain, and I can see why Jay Heaps picked him. But I also think that Chris Tierney should be captain. Chris has been with the Revs for a long time, and has an impact on the team that’s especially obvious when he’s been out of the line up.


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