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Player Ratings: New England Revolution at Seattle Sounders

After each match the contributors to New England Soccer Today will rate the performances of the New England Revolution players who made an appearance on a 1 to 10 scale (1 horrendous, 5 average, 10 perfection). This week Sean Donahue contributed ratings for the Revs 2-1 loss to Seattle.

Matt Reis2.5

Could’ve done better on both goals and nearly gave the ball away in one instance where he left his box.

Did Zack Schilawski do enough in his brief appearance to earn more playing time? (Photo by CHRIS ADUAMA/

Darrius Barnes4

Again Barnes struggled with the pace and creativity of the Seattle wingers. Needs more experience at left back if he’s to be a long term solution.

A.J. Soares5

Decent performance despite the Revs struggles with Seattle’s attack.

Ryan Cochrane – 3

Some bad giveaways and never looked comfortable. Gave away free kicks in dangerous spots.

Kevin Alston – 4.5

Unlucky on the Sounders second goal, but added next to nothing to the attack on his ventures forward.

Shalrie Joseph5.5

Excellent header that nearly tied the score and generally crisp passing, but didn’t do enough to drive the attack forward.

Pat Phelan5

Lucky not to have been ejected early. Phelan put in the effort, but was caught in some reckless challenges.

Ryan Guy 5

Doesn’t look comfortable using his left foot. Showed some flashes on a few occasions, but didn’t do enough.

Sainey Nyassi6

Great finish and used his pace to good effect, but his crosses were poor.

Benny Feilhaber4.5

Strong start, but seemed to get frustrated and faded quickly.

Rajko Lekic4.5

Decent shot off of Guy’s set-up, but struggled all match to hold up the ball or win the long passes the Revs sent forward.

(sub) Kenny Mansally – 4.5

Failed to make an impact off the bench.

(sub) Zak Boggs – 5

Had one fantastic cross into the box, but the Revs needed more from him.

(sub) Zack Schilawski – 6.5

Very short appearance, but Schilawski looked the Revs most dangerous player with a fantastic shot and good combination play in the final third.


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