New England Soccer Today


  • One of a Kind

    For better or worse, New England will never see another manager quite like Steve Nicol again.

  • The Blame Game

    Steve Nicol has blamed his players for their mistakes all season. But some of the blame lies...

  • More of the Same?

    With the Revs finally mathematically eliminated from postseason contention, Steve Nicol has a clear choice to make.

  • Casting a Wide Net

    By expanding its playoff pool to ten, MLS all but encouraged the dreaded draw this year.

  • Mailing it In

    Friday night's 3-0 loss in Portland signaled one thing: the season can't end soon enough for the...

  • Time on Their Hands

    With two and a half weeks in between matches, the Revs should use their time wisely.

  • If it’s broken…

    Few will debate the Revs need a litany of repairs - and soon. But what exactly needs...

  • Focus on the Future

    For the New England Revolution it’s time to start thinking about building for 2012.

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    Last week, the Revs picked up four points on the road. But don't let that success fool...

  • Trading Time?

    Let's face it: the Revs aren't going to the playoffs. That said, Mike Burns would be wise...