New England Soccer Today

A Farewell from the Founders

Dear Readers,

As you have probably noticed, New England Soccer Today has been static for the last few months. You’re probably wondering why, and what’s going on. Well, in one word: life.

We started this project seven summers ago as an opportunity to deliver the best possible coverage of the local soccer scene, with a specific focus on the Revolution. We felt the club, and by extension, the New England soccer universe, had been severely overlooked by the region’s traditional media outlets. So we decided to do something about it, or at least try to. And so we launched New England Soccer Today in August 2010 with that goal in mind.

We embarked on this mission at a relatively uncomplicated point in our lives. At the time, we were a couple of single, soccer-loving 20-somethings, and neither one of us was tethered to career demands or raising a family. In other words, we had plenty of the free time required for NEST to make an impression.

And that’s exactly what we did – or at least tried to do. We filed stories at 3:00am, covered the Revs on the road, and even earned a little notoriety along the way. But the most rewarding aspect of this project was hearing directly from our readers, whether on our site, via social media, or even in the Gillette Stadium parking lot.

But in recent months, the demands on both of our time increased. We initially tried to navigate the changes to our “real” lives to keep the site fresh and interesting. But over the last three months, it quickly became clear that operating NEST – and keeping it to the standard you deserved – while remaining committed to our jobs and families was no longer tenable for either of us.

It was with that in mind that we have made the difficult decision to close the doors on NEST.

The past seven years have been an incredible journey. We were thrilled by all the attention and feedback we received about the site. We never dreamed NEST would become a regular outpost for so many soccer fans in New England. We were humbled, to say the least.

While we’ll be saying goodbye as NEST co-founders, we each plan to stay close to the local soccer scene. Sean will be re-launching Revolution Recap as a podcast, where Brian and Greg Johnstone will be regular guests. Meanwhile, Brian will be covering the Revs for Prost Amerika in 2018.

We were fortunate to work with so many talented people on this project. Chris Aduama and Kari Heistad are top-notch photographers while Greg, Julian Cardillo, Ryan Lanigan, Rick Sewall, and Carl Setterlund are talented scribes. They all made NEST better, and we are truly grateful for their contributions.

In the meantime, we’ll use the @NESoccerToday twitter account to keep you updated on our latest ventures in the soccer world, so give it a follow if you haven’t already

We can’t thank you enough for all of your the support over the years. We will truly miss the humble task of doing our best to keep you informed, and all of the fun we had while doing so.

Sean & Brian


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