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Quiet Day at Combine for Locals

It was a quiet day for the local collegians during MatchDay #2 of the MLS Combine on Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Team adiZero, which featured Dominique Badji (Boston University), Sergio Campbell (Connecticut) and Fabio Machado (Providence College), dropped a 2-0 loss to Team Nitro Charge 2-0 in the first match of the day. All three started the match, but Campbell was the only one to go the full 90.

In the second match of the day, Adria Beo Marco (Connecticut) and his Team Nativo squad fell 4-3 to Team Predator.

Here’s how the Combine’s New England contingent fared on MatchDay #2, along with their ranking on the current Big Board.

Dominique Badji (Boston University): The Terrier forward started up top for the second straight match, and went the entirety of the first half before he came off at halftime. On Saturday, Badji made an impression when he registered a Combine-best 36-inch vertical jump during the power, agility and speed contests. He ranked 10th in 30-meter dash (3.98 seconds), and fourth in the agility test (4.10 seconds). He was the lone New England prospect to place in all three performance tests. Ranking: 71st.

Adria Beso Marco (Connecticut): The Huskies’ midfielder didn’t see action in the first half, but went the entire 45 of the second frame slotted as a central midfielder for Team Nativo. Ranking: 38th.

Sergio Campbell (Connecticut): Went the full 90 at center back for Team adiZero. According to’s Jonathan Yardley, Campbell improved his stock as a result of his performance on Sunday. Ranking: 41st.

Fabio Machado (Providence): After he was stationed on the left side of the midfield during MatchDay #1, Machado started in the central midfield on Sunday. He went 45 minutes Ranking: 48th.


Monday: Player interviews with clubs

Tuesday: Matchday #3
• 10:00 am ET — adiZero vs. Predator
• 11:45 am ET — Nitro Charge vs. Navito

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