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Player Ratings: New England Revolution at Chivas USA

After each match the contributors to New England Soccer Today will rate the performances of the Revolution players who made an appearance on a 1 to 10 scale (1 horrendous, 5 average, 10 perfection). This week Brian O’Connell and Julian Cardillo contributed ratings for the Revs’ 2-0 loss to Chivas USA.

Matt Reis – Average Rating: 5.75 (Brian 6, Julian 5.5)
A slew of good saves limited the damage, but the communication with Osei and Gibbs was missing at times (Brian) … Only so much he could do, but did make some big saves despite looking a little dicey when passing back to defense on clearances (Julian)

Cory Gibbs – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 4, Julian 3.5)
Gave far too much room to Lahoud and Espinoza and was still regularly beat for speed (Brian) … Poor game…cleared the ball out for a corner kick when there was no need…needs to communicate more with Reis and co. (Julian)

Emmanuel Osei – Average Rating: 3.25 (Brian 3, Julian 3.5)
Nearly conceded an own goal late in the first frame, did little to thwart the potent Chivas attack (Brian) … Only played one half, but gave the ball away often (Julian)

Darrius Barnes – Average Rating: 4.25 (Brian 4, Julian 4.5)
Not his best performance, looked slow in the first half (Brian) … Did OK in central defense, could have done better on Braun’s goal (Julian)

Kevin Alston – Average Rating: 3.5 (Brian 3, Julian 4)
Left the flank unoccupied, gave far too much real estate for the Goats to roam (Brian) … HDC is meant for speed…he did not overlap wingers. (Julian)

Chris Tierney – Average Rating: 4.25 (Brian 4, Julian 4.5)
Free kicks weren’t bad, but accomplished little on the attack (Brian) Great free kicks, people need to get open (Julian)

Shalrie Joseph – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 4, Julian 3.5)
Failed to settle the midfield, could have done better to organize (Brian) … Not the kind of leader Revs needed…he needs to distribute and utilize open space (Julian)

Pat Phelan – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 4, Julian 3.5)
Defense was shaky, but pressed forward when others tired (Brian) … Nonexistent…played passes to people who weren’t even there or in red shirts (Julian)

Kheli Dube – Average Rating: 3 (Brian 3, Julian 3)
Nearly non-existent; did nothing to help the offense (Brian) … Had nothing to show for on the wing (Julian)

Zack Schilawski – Average Rating: 3.5 (Brian 3, Julian 4)
Without service, he never became a factor. Completely marked out of the game. (Brian) … Didn’t create on his own…relied too much on others serving him which tonight was nonexistent (Julian)

Ilija Stolica – Average Rating: 4.75 (Brian 5, Julian 4.5)
One of the few field players whose effort remained for the entire 90 (Brian) … Had not been used to having Schilawski next to him…shot probably best chance of first half (Julian)

(Sub) Khano Smith – Average Rating: 3.5 (Brian 3, Julian 4)
Effort was missing, did nothing to spark anything in the attacking third (Brian) … Had one glimpse of genius when he decided to shoot across face of goal but was it a shot or a cross? He needs to find a player or hit the target…sympathy for injury (Julian)

(Sub) Sainey Nyassi – Average Rating: 4.75 (Brian 5, Julian 4.5)
Only sparkplug in the second half. Good ideas, but the supporting cast was absent (Brian) … Did exactly what he is meant to do: run at wings…unfortunately too little too late (Julian)

(Sub) Kenny Mansally – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 4, Julian 3.5)
Like Schilawski, marked out completely. Never linked up with Nyassi. (Brian) … Came on too late and stood in front of Joseph on a free header (Julian)


  1. Arnie

    September 11, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking and writing about. In fact I would be embarrassed to say that that you covered the Revs with your analysis. For example: Kevin Alston was playing behind Kheli Dube who is not a natural right mid. When he overlapped, he did not get good passes. Dube played out of position frequently and the space given was up the middle for Kevin when he attacked. Also, the midfielders could not possess and the Revs forwards coud not hold the ball. After the first goal, Kevin had to focus more on defending than attacking. Otherwise, the score could have been much worst. Reis had another horrible game and you blamed the back line! Bullsh*t! Tierney, Phelan, Schilawski and Stolica did not beopng on the pitch last night. They are too slow and could not handle the services that they were provided. Shalrie has to cover for so many wholes that he can’t be as effective in the attack. You need to end this rating charade. It’s bogus!

  2. No No Niouky

    September 12, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Spoken like a true KA apologist! Dude, the entire team played horribly, including Alston…I’m surprised there weren’t any 1’s or 2’s lol But to say that it was all Reis and the backline wasn’t bad is a joke. I’m glad you’re not the one charge of the rankings

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