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Canada Claims Victory

Canada's defenders kept five-time FIFA World Player Marta off the board in the second half of Saturday's Brazil-Canasa clash (Photo: Mr. Walter Silva).

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Christine Sinclair bagged a brace as the Canadian women outmuscled Brazil 2-1 at Gillette Stadium on Saturday.

Sinclair’s strikes arrived in the 12th and 78th minutes while Gabriella Demoiser’s penalty cut the Canadian lead in half in the 88th minute. Karina LaBlanc made a crucial save late to preserve the victory.

“We national teams don’t have too many games to prepare for the Olympics,” Sinclair said. “So every game is taken very seriously.”

It was evident right from start that Canada meant business. In the 10th minute Christine Sinclair beat the Brazilian backline and went alone on Andreia before she was swarmed by a phalanx of defenders who snuffed out the chance.

But two minutes later, Sinclair cinched redemption when she played a Candace Chapman ball over the top and slid it through to give the Candadians the early lead.

“We took advantage of a mistake on their backline where no one tracked me,” Sinclair said. “I didn’t shoot it where I wanted, but (it went through).”

Brazil’s response was largely muted with the exception of a shot from Francielle that sailed high in the 26th minute.
A frightening moment unfolded in stoppage time when Brazil keeper Andreia violently collided with a Canadian player inside the box. The keeper had to be carted off the field and did not return.

The second half brought the first glimpse of Marta, the five-time FIFA World Player of the Year. But even with Marta on the field, the Brazilian attack sputtered through much of the second half.

But Marta made her impact felt in the 65th minute, when she banked the bar on a header and forced the Canadian defense to keep watch.

Ten minutes later, it was Marta again. Stationed near the right post, the Brazilain #10 nearly slipped another through before LeBlanc’s outstretched arm deflected it wide of the near post.

While Brazil was missing its chances, Canada converted another opportunity. Sinclair struck again when she took a hold of a Sophie Schmidt pass and fired it past Barbara at the 78th minute.

The only measure of success Brazil found came in the 85th minute, when Erika Santos brought down Carmelina Moscato inside the box and referee Kari Seitz awarded the penalty. Gabriella Demoiser slid it through, but it was the closest that A Selecao came to getting the best of their opponents.

“We’re definitely a physical team,” Sinclair said. “But Brazil is as well.”

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