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The Waiting Game

Dynamo center back Geoff Cameron is hoping that MLS accepts Stoke City’s offer for $2.8 million so he can fulfill his dream to play in Europe. (Photo: Chris Aduama/

Geoff Cameron’s apartment is about the only thing that’s in perfect order for the Dynamo center back right now.

In the past two weeks, Cameron has been doing all he can to keep his mind busy in light of an impending move to Stoke City. He’s organized his apartment. He’s listened to music. He’s watched movies. And when he’s done listening to music and watching movies? He goes back to organizing his apartment. Again.

For Cameron, there are simply too many hours in the day – especially as he awaits league approval on the summer’s biggest transfer saga. And it’s a saga that involves Cameron’s immediate future and, roughly, $2.8 million dollars.

“It’s been really, really tough mentally,” Cameron said via phone on Thursday. “It’s hard because my life could be over there or (here). Everything is up in the air.”

To say it’s been a whirlwind two weeks for the Attleboro, Mass. native would be an understatement. An understatement the size of the state he plays his home games – for now, at least.

Since rumors of a potential move across the pond first surfaced in late-June, Cameron been pulled in two different directions simultaneously. The forces at work? The present and the future.

Though Cameron is under contract with the Dynamo at the present moment, the future is tugging him toward a potential move to Stoke.

It’s been a difficult balance to strike for the former University of Rhode Island star. But Cameron, who’s played in Houston since 2008, has received support from head coach Dominic Kinnear.

“Dom and I have talked about it,” Cameron said. “He said he couldn’t imagine what’s going through my head. He understands that it’s hard.”

As if the Dynamo center back needed another mental hurdle to leap during the transfer talks, he picked up what he called a “slight” hamstring strain. Slight or not, it forced him to miss his first two games of the season against Chicago (Jun. 30) and Sporting Kansas City (Jul.3).

But as Cameron, who turned 27 on Wednesday, struggles with the uncertainty surrounding the move, he’s also found comfort in speaking with former Dynamo teammate Stu Holden, who made a similar move to England in 2009.

While Holden texted Cameron about simple things like international insurance and taxes, Cameron says that he came away from his exchanges with the Bolton midfielder with an interesting perspective.

“It’s just a fresh start,” Cameron said. “I have to play for a position on a team. It’s just about keeping your head down and working hard. You have your strengths and you were chosen for a reason, so use your strengths to your advantage.”

Of course, Cameron can’t help but envision what his career would be like in one of the strongest leagues in world. But, he also reflected on those who helped him get to the doorstep of the EPL.

“I can’t thank Dom, his staff and (ex-Dynamo assistant) John Spencer enough,” Cameron said. “All those guys have done a tremendous job with me and giving me an opportunity in Houston. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”

In the meantime, Cameron is hoping to get an answer by Friday morning. And it can’t come soon enough.

Although he has the backing of his coaches and the Dynamo front office, he knows nothing is set in stone until Major League Soccer decides on whether to accept the $2.8 million dollar offer for Cameron.

“It’s tough to know that the decision is not in my hands,” Cameron said. “It’s a lot of stress and anxiety and nerves. So I’m trying to stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off of it.”

And if he doesn’t get an answer by Friday? Well, Cameron mentioned there’s always something else he can do to distract him from the situation.

“You have to love naps,” Cameron quipped. “When you’re sleeping, you’re not thinking about it.”

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