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Why Bengtson is No Longer a DP


Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Last week, MLS updated its list of designated players and, curiously, Revolution forward Jerry Bengtson was classified as a “former designated player.” With Bengtson currently on loan to Belgrano (Argentina), some wondered about Bengtson’s status in New England.

First things first: Bengtson is still a member of the club, though not on the active roster. He will remain with Belgrano at least through Jun. 30, at which time his loan is currently set to expire.

So why is Bengtson no longer a deemed a designated player?

When the Revolution initially signed him, they had to pay a sizable transfer fee from his former club, Motagua, in order to complete the acquisition. This fee was spread out over the course of at least three seasons. The combination of that fee, along with his salary ($144,000 in 2014), pushed annual cost above the designated player threshold at the time of his signing ($356,000).

However, according to the team, whatever remaining fees are left to be paid on his transfer are less than what they were over the course of the last three years. Thus, Bengtson’s salary, plus transfer fees, if any, for 2015 fall short of the current $387,500 threshold.

With Bengtson no longer a DP, the Revolution have two open spots, with Jermaine Jones occupying the remaining one. Last summer, Jones became the highest-paid player in club history when he reportedly signed an 18-month deal worth $4.7 million.

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