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Connecticut Among 8 Markets Applying for New League

Connecticut is one of eight markets that have submitted applications to be part of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA), according to a release from the new outfit.

The league is expected to debut in 2019, subject to U.S. Soccer sanctioning, which is part of the process to launch a professional soccer league.

Joining the Nutmeg State in the application process: Charlotte, Chattanooga, Miami, Milwaukee, Omaha, Phoenix, and St. Louis.

“We are pleased with the applicants as well as the people and the vision behind each application,” NISA Co-Founder Peter Wilt said in a statement. “The critical step to fully vet each market now moves into an important phase, so we can be assured of the applicants’ and the League’s success.

“Each successful applicant will need to show us and US Soccer that it has a proper venue, financial model, business plan, administration and ownership to assure sustainability.”

NISA had previously announced in June that it had received letters of intent to join from ten markets. The league said that list grew to 15 before today’s announcement, while discussions continue with a total of 45 different markets.

The applications have simultaneously been submitted to U.S. Soccer, which will vet the submissions along with NISA to assess readiness to start next spring.

Seven of the markets that submitted LOIs have held their applications back for 2019 while preparing to meet the minimum standards of NISA and US Soccer for a Division III team.

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