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Player Ratings: New England Revolution vs. New York Red Bulls

After each match the contributors to New England Soccer Today will rate the performances of the New England Revolution players who made an appearance on a 1 to 10 scale (1 horrendous, 5 average, 10 perfection). This week Sean Donahue and Brian O’Connell contributed ratings for the New England Revolution’s 2-2 draw with the New York Red Bulls on Saturday.

Bobby Shuttleworth – Average Rating: 4.75 (Brian 5, Sean 4.5)
Little he could do on both of Richards’ goals, and wasn’t really tested. Distribution could’ve been better, and lucky not to get a red on the McCarty “dive.” (Brian) … Little he could do on the two goals, but was lucky not to have given up a penalty at the end of the half. One highlight was a late breakaway he thwarted by coming bravely off his line to pluck the ball off Dane Richard’s feet. (Sean)

Milton Caraglio was easily Man of the Match for his two goals on Saturday. (Photo by CHRIS ADUAMA/

Kevin Alston – Average Rating: 6 (Brian 6, Sean 6)
Encouraging performance for the nicked up defender; runs were sharper, and had a decent ball to Cariglio in the first half.  (Brian) … Beaten by Joel Lindpere on the final goal, soiling an otherwise strong performance. Mostly solid defensively and sent in a pair of nice crosses, including one that Shalrie Joseph flicked on to Caraglio for what could’ve been his hattrick. (Sean)

A.J. Soares – Average Rating: 3.25 (Brian 3, Sean 3.5)
Beaten on first goal, and caught ball-watching on the second; didn’t seem as comfortable without Reis on the field. (Brian) … Caught ball-watching, allowing Richards to sneak in behind him for the final goal. Out of position on Dax McCarty’s breakaway as well. Decent performance otherwise, but those were two key mistakes. (Sean)

Ryan Cochrane – Average Rating: 3.75 (Brian 3.5, Sean 4)
Much like his centerback partner, Cochrane didn’t look like he belonged on the field against the likes of Richards and Agudelo. Also lucky not to draw a penalty on Richards in second half.  (Brian) … Burned by Richards for the Red Bulls first goal and needed to read the situation better and stay back on McCarty’s chance. New York’s pacy front line caused him problems. (Sean)

Darrius Barnes – Average Rating: 5.75 (Brian 6, Sean 5.5)
Admirable performance against Ballouchy and pushed forward a bit; made good decisions, and snuffed out a dangerous chance in the 79th minute. (Brian) … A few shaky moments, but overall held his own at left back. (Sean)

Zak Boggs – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5.5 Sean 4.5)
His touches were somewhat awkward, but his defensive efforts were noticeable. (Brian) … Service was poor and played too slow in the final third. (Sean)

Shalrie Joseph – Average Rating: 6.25 (Brian 6, Sean 6.5)
Wasn’t at his best, but the skipper’s passes and support were sensational. (Brian) … Held the midfield together. Passing was very sharp and alert in the attack. (Sean)

Benny Feilhaber – Average Rating: 5.5 (Brian 5.5, Sean 5.5)
Looked ready to spring some attacks, but was continually stifled. His free kicks were lacking, to say the least. (Brian) … One great shot that nearly put the Revs back up by two late, but set pieces were poor and passing wasn’t sharp at times. (Sean)

Kenny Mansally – Average Rating: 4.75 (Brian 5, Sean 4.5)
Service was pretty good, and caused some havoc against Chris Albright; that said, his two yellows put the club in a precarious position.  (Brian) … An active, strong performance including a good assist on Feilhaber’s goal, was ruined by his needless red card. (Sean)

Rajko Lekic – Average Rating: 5 (Brian 5, Sean 5)
Partnered well with Cariglio, and amazingly wasn’t called offside once; would’ve liked to have seen him get a shot on goal, though. (Brian) … Seemed to provide a good partner for Caraglio, but didn’t see many chances himself until he made way for McCarthy after Mansally’s red. (Sean)

Milton Caraglio – Average Rating: 8 (Brian 8, Sean 8 )
Very possible he could’ve had four goals on the night, but two ain’t shabby. His second and third efforts on the first goal, and his positioning on the second were world-class. (Brian) … Two great goals for New England. Only qualm is he should’ve had a third. (Sean)

(sub) Stephen McCarthy – Average Rating: 4 (Brian 4, Sean 4)
Seems to struggle in the substitute’s role; looked out of sync with his teammates. (Brian) … Brought on to help the Revs hold the lead, but passing was poor and didn’t help to shore up the midfield. (Sean)


  1. rick sewall

    August 22, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    On the first goal, a clean breakaway, the keeper cannot stay inside the goal box. This made it a lot easier for Richards. Bobby was only 5 yards from the end line. Reis, with more experience than Bobby, may have made a save. Another way bad attitude can hurt your team. How can the Revs snatch a draw from the jaws of victory? They have to get rid of their many borderline players to be successful, as they are lacking mentally and physically. .

  2. rick sewall

    August 25, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Shuttleworth actually backed into his goalbox before his attempted save on the first goal. His rating is too high because the position should not be played the way it was.You must commit yourself on a clean breakaway.

  3. rick sewall

    August 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    I would love a response from Sean or Brian. I admire the work of both

    • Sean Donahue

      August 25, 2011 at 10:14 pm

      Thanks Rick. I took another look at the goal. Hadn’t noticed Shuttleworth took a step back, but you’re absolutely correct. Strange decision. I certainly still fault Cochrane and Soares for the goal, but Shuttleworth surely could’ve made it a little harder on Richards by coming out as you say. That said, it’s a hard game to rate a keeper on since he only faced two shots and on both of them you’d expect a good striker to score on nine times out of ten.

  4. Brian O'Connell

    August 26, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Hey Rick, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on our rankings. I’d have to agree with Sean on Richards’ first goal – not many keepers save that shot. But I agree – he did take a step back, which is exactly what you’re taught not to do on a breakaway. Having said that, it was definitely tough to rate Shuttleworth’s performance – the two shots he faced were both goals, and quality ones at that. In hindsight, I guess he performed about as well as a keeper with 10 career appreances would play: OK, with a few mistakes – one of which (on Richards’ first goal) certainly didn’t help him at all.

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