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Player Ratings: New England Revolution Reserves vs. Columbus Crew

After each match the contributors to New England Soccer Today will rate the performances of the New England Revolution players who made an appearance on a 1 to 10 scale (1 horrendous, 5 average, 10 perfection). This week Sean Donahue contributed ratings for the Revs Reserves 5-1 loss to Columbus.

Tim Murray4.5
Hard night for Murray as he was let down by his defense and had to organize out of position players and a trialist in front of him. Can’t really be blamed for any of the goals and made a couple of good stops.

Trialists Nicolas Dieuze (left) and Junior Ntame (right) got a chance to play for the reserves on Sunday morning. (Photo by Art Donahue/

Ryan Kinne6
Comfortable on the ball. Looked dangerous going forward and sent a dangerous shot just high of the net from distance. Passing was sharp and intelligent all morning. Struggled a bit to prevent crosses defensively.

Junior Ntame (Trialist) – 6
Very composed on the ball. Smart passing out of the back and good positioning and strength. Performance was only blemished by foul he committed leading to the tying goal.

Otto Loewy2
Night to forget for the rookie. At fault on three of the goals and lucky not to have conceded another penalty.

Zak Boggs 5
Beaten to a header in the first half and defense was tough at times, but looked dangerous going forward and delivered some good crosses from the left.

Sainey Nyassi 4
Looked a little rusty in his one half of action. Didn’t make much of an impact.

Nicolas Dieuze (Trialist) – 4
Looked rusty. Passing was off and looked slow as the game went on, possibly due to a knock picked up in a rough early foul he suffered.

Andrew Sousa5.5
Great goal and was active in the attack, but didn’t combine well with Dieuze and the Crew had luck going down the middle.

Kenny Mansally4.5
Good free kicks and a dangerous chip shot attempt, but didn’t help defensively in the second half.

Kheli Dube 5
Active in the first half, often playing the role of set-up man. Should’ve done better on Mansally’s free kick and faded in the second half.

Alan Koger4.5
Didn’t see many looks at goal and often drifted back into the midfield in the second half looking to get the ball. Struggled to make an impact.

(sub) Andrew Olsen (Guest Player) – 4
Showed some promise, but indecision proved costly in the attack. Had some struggles defensively. Nice to see the bicycle kick attempt.

(sub) Peguy Ngatcha (Youth Academy) – N/A
The youngster came on while the Revs were being overrun in the second half and had trouble making an impact.


  1. Chris B

    October 16, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    With the fact I did not see the game would it be fair to say of the three trialists only N’Tame should be considered for a contract?

    Also would it be fair to say that of the rarely/never used rookies Kinne and Sousa earned their roster spots for 2012 while Lowey and Koger should be dropped to make room etc?

    • Sean Donahue

      October 16, 2011 at 7:47 pm

      N’Tame definitely showed well today, despite the scoreline, and I’d say certainly earned consideration. As I mentioned with Dieuze, he did suffer an early rough tackle that MAY have affected his play and he definitely looked rusty. Based on the game I’d imagine he wouldn’t be signed, but I wouldn’t write him off completely. Call it an educated guess, but Olsen I don’t think was ever much more than a guest player needed to fill an injury plagued roster.

      As for the rookies, Loewy’s poor performance today, combined with his inability to see any first team minutes despite the struggles and injuries with the Revs CBs makes me think he won’d be back. Koger didn’t have the best of games, but he has shown well for the Reserves and in the U.S. Open Cup and seen his share of goals, but he may be a casualty of the Revs excessive number of forwards.

      Sousa has shown flashes, but I think he may be better suited on the wings at this level. Again, his inability to make the bench in some games where the Revs had no other midfielders available as subs, doesn’t speak well to his chances of returning. Kinne shows a lot of potential and is a pretty consistent performer, but he hasn’t seen a lot of time in the positions he’s most comfortable in lately, so it’s hard to judge what Nicol’s thoughts on him are. Personally, I think he can play at this level if given the chance.

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