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Q&A with Tim Murray

Local hero Tim Murray grew up in Haverhill, MA and played goalkeeper for St. John’s Preparatory School. He graduated Providence College in 2009 and broke a Friars’ team record with his 27 career shutouts. Murray went on trial with the Revolution during pre-season and was subsequently signed in April of this year in the wake of ongoing injuries to Matt Reis and Preston Burpo. Murray is now the third string goalkeeper for the Revolution, but also spends his time as the goalkeeper coach for Brandeis University in Waltham. Here’s what Tim had to say about the Revolution, the MLS Cup Playoffs, and certain setbacks both he and the team have had to contend with this season:

JC: Being from the Boston area, what’s it like to be picked up by the Revolution and being able to play with them?

Tim Murray joined the Revs on April 30th. (Photo by CHRIS ADUAMA/

TM: It’s a great opportunity to play for your hometown team. Obviously I grew up going to Revs’ games while being on a town soccer team and watching them on TV. You like to think when you’re little, dream big and try to do that someday. It’s nice to have that as a reality: to be apart of the team.

JC: You are in a unique position. The Revolution have more goalkeepers than any other team in MLS because of injuries to Matt Reis and Preston Burpo. You were called up toward the middle of the season. What’s it like to work to get back on top and try to be a regular starter in goal?

TM: It’s hard work. I’ve got alot to learn. Being behind guys like Preston and Matt Reis is a good oppurtunity. It’s a great fit, I’ve learned alot from them. Training with Preston, I’ve learned alot from him and have had the opportunity to watch him and see how he trains, see the kind of effort he [and Reis] put in to be where they are. Obviously they’re two veteran players who have been around the league so they know what it takes. Just to be able to see the kind of effort they put in is great.

JC: What has the attitude in the Revolution locker room been like lately?

TM: It’s been a little tough with the way the season has been going but you always have to have a positive outlook. We want to make things right and everyone wants to get after it and get some wins.

JC: Just a few more games left before the regular season ends, do you think the Revolution still have a decent chance to make the playoffs?

TM: Yes, we just need to get to it. We need to do things that have produced good results for us- we’ve gotten some good wins. I think there are opportunities we can take advantage of and hopefully get back into it.

JC: With guys like Taylor Twellman and Edgaras Jankauskas out for a majority of the season, what has it been like for the team to play strong despite missing such key players?

TM: Obviously when you are missing key players like them it has a big impact on the team. It happens, whether it’s injuries or whatever. It happens to most teams. So it’s kind of the unfortunate side effect to the sport, but you always have to find ways to pull through it and get together. Someone has got to step up and take advantage of opportunities.

JC: What’s your favorite thing about coaching at Brandeis University?

TM: It’s just the experience. Being on the different end of it for a change. [As a player] you just think “Ah the coaches they got the life, they don’t do anything!” But it’s good to see how it works. The coaches here they put alot of effort, alot of work, alot of stuff goes on you don’t see as a player. It’s a good opportunity to see that aspect of it.

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