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Top 5 Secondary Revs Jerseys of All-Time

On Saturday, an image of the Revolution’s 2015/2016 secondary jersey was leaked weeks ahead of its official unveiling. The design itself is one of the more unique ones seen during the club’s 20 seasons, to say the least.

With cat out of the bag for this year’s secondary shirt, we take took a glimpse at each iteration of the alternate look, and put together five of our favorites.

1. 1996. It’s safe to say that the Revolution will never wear a more distinct secondary top than the one they donned during their inaugural season. A shirt that could only be found at the intersection of mid-90s chic and a sublimation machine with a mind of its own.



2. 2001-03. It wasn’t the flashiest look by any means, but then again, secondary looks rarely ever are – at least in MLS. But this jersey -which lasted three seasons – featured bold navy side panels bordered by a thin red accent. These secondaries were also the last ones to feature a front number.

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3. 2006. After adopting a minimalist approach to its previous two secondary jerseys, red side panels were added to both the primary and secondary shirts. But on the latter, the red really popped, and combined with the green Sierra Mist logos, this iteration could be, perhaps, the most underrated of them all.

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4. 2005. Some would argue that this shirt was about as plain and basic as it gets. But we think it was a clean and understated look that was a refreshing departure from some of the designs that came before it.

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5. 2014. The Revolution first rolled out this design in 2013, but they perfected it with the bigger, and bolder UnitedHealthcare logo. It’s a shame this beauty only saw the pitch for one season.



  1. Ben Saufley

    February 10, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    The MLS trend of “white away shirt” needs to go. I’m so glad the secondary this year looks to be breaking that trend. Last year’s was nice *for a “white away shirt”* – mostly because of the bold red patches that kept it from being *just* white – but it was still just that, a white shirt.

    • Brian O'Connell

      February 10, 2015 at 12:35 pm

      100% agree, Ben. I’d like to see more teams go with an alternate color rather than just white for its secondary kits. Though I’m not yet sold on the new Revs 2nds, I do applaud them for going with something other than white.

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